Extra Joss Active (expiry date Oct '21)

Extra Joss Active (expiry date Oct '21)

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Extra Joss
Energy Shots

Please note the official shelf life of this product is October 2021.

The difference compared to our regular Extra Joss? The powder is more clumped, like a solid plaque. This is easily solved by shaking the sachet a bit 😊

Your Extra Joss Shots will have the same great taste and awesome benefits:

  • Zero sugar
  • Natural ingredients
  • Lots of energy

The energy boosting ingredients create a true power cocktail.

This energy shot gives you a metabolism boost, confidence boost, stamina boost, everything boost.

If you're partying on a budget these sachets may just be the perfect companion.

Extra Joss is perfect for parties, ski trips and festivals! And don't forget to check out the Extra Joss Face Mask!

Handing out Joss shots like you're Oprah. Damn you're a true legend!


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